Thursday, August 12, 2010

Keeping Up With The Kristi. remember that one time when I talked about my inadequacies as related to the styling of my long hair? And how I am basically inept with styling tools? And how I just wanted it to look all perfect like America Ferrera's or Kim Kardashian's?

Well, I think I made it happen last weekend. It only took me about a half can of hairspray and twenty minutes of awkwardly twirling my hair around a seventy billion degree curling iron in the back of my head, but I think I achieved my own personal hair perfection.

Pardon the stupid look on my face, but it's very tricksy to take a self portrait with le cell phone and NOT have the phone in front of your face. Because, seriously, that would have blocked the hair...which was clearly the whole point of the pic.

And in case you're wondering, this look has not been attempted since. But I can do it. Without burning off my arm, neck or face in the process. That's the point, here.


Anonymous said...

Super cute!

Mission accomplished!!

David and Kelli said...


*cait* said...

Loving the locks!