Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fun.

Life required a triple shot in the latte this a.m., which still didn't do the trick. Exhaustion. Snooze.

In other news, I saw an anomaly in a parking lot yesterday and thought I would share my 'fusion on Facebook. My status rattled on something like "I don't understand why anyone would by a Mercedes station wagon. Kinda defeats the purpose, no?" And boy oy boy, I felt the HEAT!

It would appear that most people think crossovers and station wagons are the same thing. Which is WRONG. Exhibit A:



One is clearly cooler than the other, right? Whatever. My original point on the Book of Face was simply that if someone is forking out the cashola for a Benz, why not at least get something sweet like this:

Because that would haul the family to Disney, right?

Just my 29¢. Take it or leave it.


Katy said...

I agree! I always thought that any over priced station wagon was ridiculous, if I had that kind of money to spend on a car, I sure wouldn't be buying a station wagon! There are cooler SUV's out there!

Josh said...

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