Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Other One Where I Totally Embarass My Better Half.

Remember this doozie? Consider this part two in the "My Husband Is So Hilarious" series...

So Joey has this group of interns and co-ops that work with him. Don't know the difference? Interns are summer college students. Co-ops are high school students. Anyway, a few of them are "In-Betweeners," as in they've graduated from the hell known as high school but have not yet started their first semester of what will likely be the best 4ish years of their lives. aka college.

Apparently Joe thought it would be fun/torturous to come up with a nickname for the In-Betweeners. Here's how that went down.

Joe: What should I call you? It's're not in college. You're like, pre-college.
In-BetweenersLikely giving Joe a look of "wtf" at this moment.
Joe: Excitedly. I know! PKs! That's what I'll call you. The PKs! You know, like pre-college!

Now, I can only imagine what was going thru the In-Betweeners' heads at this exact moment. Options that come to mind are, "Joe, did YOU go to Kollege?" or perhaps "Kollege obviously worked for Joe!"

I mean, really. Someone should dunce hat that boy.

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Anonymous said...

So I will have to admit ... shamelessly ... that I didn't get it until you pointed out the "K" ... haha!!!