Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hump Day, Bump Day!

bV is the size of an acorn squash!
Baby already measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. Right now, she weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds but she's still got a ways to go -- can you believe she'll triple in weight before birth? And I probably will too, for what it's worth.

bV at 29 weeks 
- She's getting a little cramped in there, since she's growing so fast. But you probably already realize that, since you're getting all those jabs and kicks. Amen, amen.
- She's growing white fat deposits under her skin, and her energy is surging because of it.
- Feel a subtle twitch? It might be baby hiccupping.

Baby girl is ridin' high, and mercy me do I feel it. All last week I was in excruciating pain at the bottom of my ribcage because she was sitting/punching/eating/roundhouse kicking the nerves running along my floating ribs. Oh yes, and last week was also when we were on vacation. It was very magical. Anyway, she seems to have finally let go of whatever her beef was with my nervous system and all is currently well with what once felt like pure acid being poured upon my flesh.

In stark contrast, here's what I looked like at 29 weeks with Alex. See also: Harper's gotta be coming early. Right? RIGHT?!?

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Kim and Steve said...

I felt the same way with my second pregnancy. Was as big with C as I was w the twins....and he went to 41 weeks. Hang in there you are lookin good!