Friday, August 30, 2013

Reality sets in.

I'm starting to get all hormonal & emotional about how ENORMOUS Alex is going to seem once Harper gets here, so I did the obvious thing and started looking back through his pictures. Bad idea, Kristi. Bad idea.

Alex, fresh out the womb:

Happy FIRST birthday!

Happy SECOND birthday!

Happy THIRD birthday!

Happy FOURTH birthday!

Gah. Nostalgia. But, like I said in my birthday letter to him, I wouldn't have time move any faster or slower. It's perfect just the way it is. But if anyone is curious, 2 was my favorite.

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Lindsey Wolfe said...

Maybe you will be like me and be sitting in his room the night before your scheduled c-section bawling because you are about to ruin his life by having a baby. And then your husband will find you and talk you off the ledge. And then you have a baby girl and her big brother thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread. ;-)