Monday, August 12, 2013

The mother of all weekends.

Aside from Harper being on my last nerve (literally), this weekend was the gem of all weekends.

First, we made HUGE progress in the world of swimming. Although Alex loves water, he's not been so keen on adventuring into the pool alone of late. But look at this:

Now we can hardly keep him OUT of the water, but I have no complaints because floating weightless in the pool is just what me 'n Harper are jamming to these days.

We also made the obligatory weekend trip to Costco where Alex may or may not have been thrown into the box of giant pandas:

And on Saturday night, Alex had his first campout. Let's not be silly, I slept in my warm, comfy bed, but the boys had a great time--and much to my surprise, they actually slept in there ALL night.

And if all that weren't enough we started our official countdown of "Sleeps until Samuel" - last night we were at 5. See you soon, Samuel!!!

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