Monday, February 11, 2013


Alex has recently become very self aware of conversations he doesn't want to be a part of for various reasons: boredom, confusion, angst, avoidance, etc.

For example, whenever he has to go in time out, he always has to apologize, tell me WHY he had to go in time out, and then give me a hug and kiss. The other day, he didn't really want to tell me why he went into time out...partially because he probably felt justice was not being served and also he didn't want to admit what he did was wrong. Here's how that went:

Me: Alex, time out is done. Come over and tell Mommy why you were in time out and we'll hug it out.
Alex: Ok, Mommy. ::walks over to me::
Me: Your turn, kiddo. Why did you have to go in time out?
Alex ::no answer::
Me: Buddy? Why did you have to have a time out?
Alex: ::drops his head, pretends to snore and sleep::

As you run this scenario through your noggin, please also imagine how extremely difficult it was for me to keep a straight face and be the "good mom" in this scenario. Now, throw that out the window because let's be real: I laughed until it hurt. And then, in turn, HE had a captive audience and knew his behavior was funny.

So now it's a thing in our house. Joey starts droning on about fishing and I drop my head and start to snore. I start talking about the latest news from TMZ and both boys do the same.

For the record? I tried it at work today and it was not met with the same level of humor.

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