Friday, February 15, 2013


Mother of pearl it's been a whole week and I've blogged every day of it! To celebrate, I offer you a virtual cocktail that I like to think I made up all on my own, but did not. It's called a tequila ginger. Caitlin, you can go ahead and pretend I named it after you.

To make this glorious concoction, first add ice to your cup. Preferably a big cup, but I feel like that goes without saying, no? SALT THE ICE. (This is a muy importante step; don't skip it...unless, of course you have a sodium problem, in which case, you might want to actually risk it for this drink. Or whatever.) Add a shot (or three) of tequila. Finish the pour with Ginger Ale (I find Canada Dry to be the yummiest). Squeeze a 'lil lime in there, stir and kick it back, girl.

Cheers to surviving a week back at it. Have a lovely weekend, y'all. I might not even shower tomorrow, so there's that.

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