Monday, February 25, 2013


While snuggling in bed with me on Saturday morning, stroking my face with his little hand.
"It's ok sweetheart. You just rest here for 30 minutes and your headache will go away."
Note: I did not have, nor did I tell him I had, a headache.

While being buckled into his carseat by my Dad.
"Oh, Poppi. I like your hair. It's grey."

To Joe in the master bath while I was sleeping on Sunday morning.
"Dad! I gotta go check on Mom to make sure she's not dead."

While building his latest Lego creation.
"This is a limited edition 530 space airplane." Points to bottom where he built a hole. "This is where the fire comes out."

While eating dinner with my parents.
"Hey, Joette?" Realizing he now has Grammi's undivided attention. "I love you stronger than the wind and softer than a cloud." ...and then we all melted.

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