Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We're down to 13 days. In related news, my house is a minefield of boxes and bubble wrap. Please do not come over. Or, actually, please do. I will put you to work.

The Mindful Grey paint is done and I love it MORE than the khaki. I'm so pleased with my paint choices that I actually pinched my own cheeks and then  high fived myself. Below is a crappy picture, but whatevs. It's fabulous.

And because his ridiculous face hasn't been on this blog nearly enough lately, here's my sweet Alex doing what he does best...lazily playing on the floor with his 32,189,032,189,032,189,012 Cars characters. No surprise, we were having movie night and watching Cars 2 at the time.

And, technically, since that's not his face, here's one hiding in his closet at "the different house." THIRTEEN DAYS, PEOPLE.

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