Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1 week! 1 week!

We take a small break from my regular enthusiasm regarding the move to address 4 things that suck.

1. I have been pregnant for roughly 6 of the last 12 months with nothing to show for it but a tired body and 3 pairs of kickass maternity jeans from Gap that I got on clearance that have yet to see the light of day.

2. Hospitals should not be allowed to send bills for visits that sucked. See also: miscarriage, death, cancer, loss of limbs. Only people whose lives they actually save or make better should have to pay bills. Obviously I'm being melodramatic but you get my point. I don't need ANOTHER reminder, thankyouveryuch.

3. People should not be allowed to send meeting notices from the 11:30 am hour into the 1 pm hour, most specifically from 12-1. As such. I've been declining all meetings during this time because, hello? I'm eating. Back off.

4. I have packed at least 1 box a day (probably an average of 3) since July 16. I made detailed spreadsheets and alphabetized lists of all the things that needed to get done up to the minute of the move, and despite the rooms full of packed boxes and bubble wrap, I still feel like I've accomplished next to nothing. I'm an anxious, hot mess and I just want to be in my house already.

In totally related news, this time next week I will be wearing a tiara and wielding a wand instructing all the big, strong men where to put my things. Eeeee!


Sara said...

Kristi you are one strong and amazing lady! Miscarriage suck and few talk about. Thanks for being such an open and honest person. You are helping many other mommas. I hope the move goes amazing and you are sipping margaritas in that amazing new house in no time!

Kim and Steve said...

Keep up the good work, mama. And keep eating, too!