Friday, August 31, 2012


Today is a great day of celebration: the VeeDubs are celebrating 5 crazy years of wedded bliss!

And while normally I am very tongue-in-cheek, not-so-seriously-sarcastic and adorably humorous about expressing the love I have in my heart and girlybits for my husband, I'm finding that today I just want to have a rare moment of genuine sincerity and hard core truths.

There is a love capable by humans that, quite frankly, I didn't know/believe existed until I met Joe. It's so deep and rare that it's almost unexplainable and unfathomable. And I'm not super sure that over the course of the last year(ish) that I've been all that great about truly expressing that. Because if I'm totally honest with myself and also the Internet at-large, this last year has contained far more than its fair share of suckage. It has been largely shitty, and he has carried me through all of it. All of it.

But then I slap myself right smack in the face and am reminded of all the good and all the love and all the memories and all the the moments. We laughed and traveled to new places. We held hands as our healthy, hilarious son blew the candles out on his 3rd birthday cake. We worked hard and built a home. We watched friends and family celebrate joyous occasions in their own lives. We lived.

And that's really what love is about, isn't it? It's about buckling in, holding on for dear life and riding the highs and surviving the lows--and coming out the other end stronger and better for having done it together.

There is no one else I would rather do this life with. My God, I am lucky.

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Kim and Steve said...

Happy Fifth Anniversary! May this sixth year be your best yet.