Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My grandmother's nook.

And no, not a tablet PC. A literal nook in our house. Specifically, this one:

It's the corner of our master bedroom and I LOVE it. (Aside from the curtains that need to be hemmed and steamed.) The table is perhaps the most special part, because it belonged to my Great Grandma.

It used to look like this:

But with a touch of love and a little bit of Martha Stewart's Hosta paint, it's the perfect piece. I had so much fun painting it--locked myself in the basement, turned on Francesca Battistelli on Pandora and went to town. I actually don't have any memories of my Great Grandma, so it was really my Grandma that I was sharing a moment with. The hardware for the table was stored in a baggie in the drawer with her handwriting on it, and I got teary eyed as I tightened them back in when the paint was dry...imagining her taking them out in the same way, putting them in the bag and labeling it so carefully with her shaky hands, "hardware for dresser. 6 pcs. from mother."

And now the table has a special spot in my home. Atop it sits a photo from my wedding day--a day she wasn't there for in person, but I carried a piece of her on my bouquet. Next to it, a little red bottle from which Joe and I took communion from on the day before our wedding--a special gift from my Mom, but the holder actually belonged to the same Grandma. And in the vase are the rose petals from my actual bouquet.

On the wall is a cool vintage frame I found on one of my many treasure hunts with Sarah. And inside that is my housewarming gift to Joe - a framed piece with all sorts of words about love, life and our relationship.

So there's a peek into one of my favorite little spaces in the house. As soon as I finish Alex's room, that'll be next!

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Sarah and J said...

Ohmygoodnesss!!!! I LOVE it! It looks great...and the table is absolutely perfect.