Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For Mike.

I suppose I should have warned y'all that I was going to be oot and aboot for a week or so. And apparently, my lack of scheduling caused at least one faithful reader to hop into a tailspin and vandalize my Facebook wall with pleads of entertainment of the blogging kind. So, here we are.

Hi, Mike. I see that you missed me. I would say I missed you, too, but then I would be lying, and I only tend to lie when Joey's cooking* and Kelli's most recent shoe purchases are involved. Instead of missing you, I was jumping off cliffs, floating through rapids and rediscovering why my liver hates me but loves tequila. On that note, Raspberry Crystal Light and tequila is DELISH. Trust me on this.

The Joey and I headed for our annual trip to the French River, Canada. Why we go to Canada for the 4th of July week I will never know, but what I do know is that it's one of the most amazing places on earth, and certainly worth the eleventy billion hour drive to get there. But that is neither here nor there, and instead of boring you with my tales of yore, I'll stimulate you visually, eh? That's what they say in Canada. Both the 'stimulation' and the 'eh'.

 Floating on the French.
Joey used it as an opportunity to keep his beer cold.
I love that man.

 Joey with his River wenches.
Note the incredible scenery behind us.
I hiked in that. HIKED. As in, sweatted my own sweat, which I
try to do as infrequently as possible.

It is at this point in our journey that I entertained the idea
that cliff jumping might be fun.
I did this three times. What is wrong with me?!?

Joey also took a brave turn.
Note that he is smarter than yours truly and only did it once.

 The rapids to the immediate right of the rock?
Another moment of insanity pictured below.

I'm the head under water.
I also did this thrice. Glutton for punishment? Perhaps.

 Tequila, duh.

The view from the cabin. Not a bad place to spend a week, eh?

So there you have it - that's what I was doing when I wasn't blogging. I promise to not ever leave you again, Mikey. Or, at the very least, warn you when I do so you can take up other reading hobbies. I recommend Chelsea Handler. I think we're long lost fourth cousins or something.

*For what it's worth, I love Joey's cooking. Mostly because if he's cooking that means I'm not.


MikeMetzlerII said...

That made me feel better after having a slightly less than great day at work!

Myself, as well as I'm sure the rest of your blog readers, would greatly appreciate a heads up next time you plan on being gone for an extended period of time.

Thank you for the update. And as always, thanks for the laughs!


Andrea said...

I'm glad you took my reading advice and got something by Chelsea. I was re-reading "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" on my 4th of July vacation.