Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tragedy of the toiletry kind.

Bath & Body Works makes a product called 'Miraculos Monoi' that is far and away my all-time fave moisturizer. It's a lightweight oil with a non-offensive scent that you can use on your hair, skin or even in the bath.

So imagine my surprise when I waltzed into BBW on my lunch hour to purchase a replacement to my ever-dwindling stash and the 17-year-old gum popping sales associate tells me that they, "Like, haven't made that product in, like, years."

For the record, she was annoying. "We discontinued the shimmer version, like, 2 years ago. I've never heard of it without the shimmer and I've worked here, like, four and a half years." Gum pop.

Yeah, sweetie. That's just what I want. To walk around glowing like the sun in all my teenybopper glory. Not.

Fast forward through me rolling my eyes at her, walking out the door and landing at my desk. I thought for sure a little ebay/amazon/Googling would do the trick, but I'm coming up empty handed.

This is a sad day, indeed. Almost as sad as the day McDonald's takes the Shammy Shake off the menu.

Le sigh. My skin will never be the same.


Lauren said...

I'm pretty sure that I have seen that recently here in C-bus (home of BBW). Did you want the lotion or the spray? If I see some I'll snag for you!

Gretchen said...

Why do they do that? They always discontinue the good stuff and then come out with something terrible to replace it. I hope you can find it!

Twin Engines said...

Your description sounds like good ol fashioned coconut oil. Good luck!

Adrienne said...

That store does that to me every time I find something I like.

Liz VA said...

I first read the title as "Tragedy of the Toilet Kind" and all I could think of was that one time at Wolverine when Ron & Keith came to plunge the Up Lodge toilets and we could all hear Ron say, "Looks like we a got a little POOP goin' on here!"

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