Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Thursday: please end.

Because when Thursday is over, that means that it's Friday, which also means that it is the DAY MY SISTER FINALLY CARTS HER ARSE BACK TO MICHIGAN. Oh, and she's also bringing her handsome hubby & that sweet little chubby-cheeked nephew of mine.

But really? It's all about the sister. Like, GET. HERE. NOW.

Those of you with a sister get me. And those with a sister living practically on the other side of the Moon (which is just due east of Connecticut) totally get me. I'll probably never be ok with the fact that she lives in CT nor will I ever get used to these once-a-year-and-every-other-year-at-Christmas visits, but I will cherish them when they come.

And Friday? It's COMING.

Look out, Detroit. This crazy duo is getting all sorts of reunited.

And before my phone starts blowing up with texts from the self-proclaimed "forgotten child" Kyle, you know I love you dearly. And also? Thank you for living in Michigan so I can see your face any time I want. Don't tell Kelli and the others (hey, they might be out there), but you're you're my favorite on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and every other Sunday.


Brooke said...

I totally get you......have SO much fun!!

Jamie said...

I get you, too ;)

So excited for your sister reunion!