Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not your typical lunch hour.

Joe and I unexpectedly headed home at lunch today to dig up and replant all our flowers to make room for a new driveway.

Exhibit A:

You see, the crew was already at our house working on the sidewalk (city repairs) and Joe called the company on a whim to see what they would quote us on a whole new driveway. You know, the whole "Well, you're already here and working so why don't you cut me a deal?" schpeal.

Well, it worked. They gave us a GREAT price to redo the whole thing, but wanted to prep it TODAY. And prepping involved us coming home and taking out/replanting all my paver stone flower boxes (along the side AND back of the house) with a large impatient and hosta investment OR them just digging it all up and tossing it out.

Obviously, we went home.

Sorry to everyone in my 2 p.m. meeting. I will probably be stinky. On the bright side, I will have a new driveway.

And Alex's freak is totally going to be freaked. There is a "twack-toe" in his OWN yard. Chance of squealing and excessive shaking is abnormally high.

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