Thursday, July 14, 2011


Did you hear that? It was the sound of tectonic plates colliding and colossal chaos somewhere in middle Michigan. Worlds are imploding. Oceans are emptying. This is BIG.

My Mom got an iPhone. And an iPad. Yesterday.

My Mom, who was quite certain 5 years ago that the Internet was "just a passing craze." My Mom, who still insists that texting is "impersonal and a waste of time." My Mom, who would ask me when I was 12 and checking Juno e-mail through our dial-up connection via the archaic IBM, "who are you talking to?" My Mom, who rolls her eyes at Facebook and the silliness of "sharing such personal things with the entire World."

But you know what? She's awesome for doing it, and I admire her willingness to constantly learn. Despite her usual persistence, she's gotten on board with texting and has thumbs quicker than most boy-crazed 13 year olds I know. She's learned how to email, realizing it's the coolest (and fastest) way to keep in touch with her kids. She's learned how to check our blogs and is known to comment occasionally, though she likes to stay anonymous.

We Skyped with her and Dad last night - it was awesome. Alex loved saying "nigh nigh" to his Grammi and Poppi and laughed when she gave him kisses through the screen. And no matter how old I get, it will always be nice to see my Mom's face AND hear her voice at the same time. There's just something comforting about that, you know?

So Mom, even though I know it kills you, thank you for being so hip and trendy by hopping on the technology train. Someday, when Alex wants me to get on board with whatever new-fangled, solar powered, telepathic communication devices exist, I hope I will be as cool as you.

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