Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Call me Grace.


I fell at work yesterday. I'd like to say that I have some herioc tale of search and rescue--that some rare breed of baby koala was trapped in a tree and I scaled a building wearing nothing but a lace bra and some water shoes to save its nearly-extinct life, but the real version isn't that glamorous. I fell in the loo. Slipped on a little puddle of water by the sink.

I am stupid. And OUCH.


Katy said...

Hey at least we got our toes done so they look good all bandaged up :)

Twin Engines said...

Ouch. I bet your pride hurt more than your foot.

Lindsay said...

In the WC, no less. Nobody does it like you, KVW. Nobody does it like you.

...so what did you actually do? Twist, sprain, tear, break, general boo boo?