Monday, July 25, 2011

Do stuff for FREE.

It recently came to my attention that libraries are not scary places. In fact, they are an oyster of free resources--everything from books (duh) to Wii games to children's entertainment. More on the specifics of my fear of libraries later.

But imagine my delight when I learned that you can check out FREE passes to many statewide attractions at your local libary. State parks. The DIA. Children's Museums.  The Henry Ford. Cranbrook. Eegads!

So on Saturday, we picked up our free passes and headed on down to the Detroit Children's Museum.


Right next door to the DCM was fire station. A very cool, very old, very "Authentically Detroit" fire station. The garage doors were open, so we popped in just to say "Hi" and show Alex around. Our 2 minute stop turned into a 20 minute tour, during which Alex got to sit in the driver's seat, the captain's seat, the "muscle" seats AND got to wear a fireman's hat. To say his brain matter was splattered all over the walls is an understatement. To him, it was better than Disney.

He listened VERY carefully as the fireman explained
to him what he would look like if he ever had to come
to our house to save us from a fire.
He showed him the mask and reminded him not to be scared,
and Alex said, "I'm not scared!"

Such a big boy!

In summary, make time to explore your community and turn fun things into teachable moments. The guys at the fire house LOVED the visit and welcomed us back any time. Sometimes it's the things that cost the least that mean the most.

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Kristyn said...

That's awesome, Kristi! I'm a little embaressed to admit that I didn't even know Detroit had a Children's Museum. But I will say that it's now officially on our list of places to visit before the summer is over. Thanks for the tip on the library (I took the twins there when they were about 18 months and we haven't been back because they freaked out and we heard a lot of "shhhhh!!!", you get the idea.) Thanks for the insight!!!