Friday, November 5, 2010

Guten Morgen.

This is my view each morning from my hotel in Wuppertal, the Arcadia.

GIANT indoor public pool haus to the right.

A view of the city straight on.
(The university is at the top of the hill.
Also a terrifying trip in the wind-up toy cars
they drive around here. And sticks, at that!

FABULOUS town hall to the left. It's gorg.

Also, I have absolutely no friggin' idea what I ate for each of the three meals I consumed yesterday. I know that I had coffee (kaffee) with some sort of bread/cheese/meat combination at breakfast, mystery meat and what I think were beets for lunch, and dinner was pretty much a wash. I think I had sherry to drink and another mystery meat with a gravyish sauce and what might have been a baked potato, but I cannot be certain. Also? The European "tradition" of having espresso after meals is absofriggenlutely FABULOUS.

And I know whenever my cell phone is about to ring or receive a text message, because the TV in my hotel room goes BERSERK. The first time it happened I about crapped my drawers...but now it's kind of like I have magical, future-predicting powers.

In related Germany near-death experience news, I rode on the Autobahn today. Ohmygodsoscary.

Also? Aunt Jane sent me these pictures of Dee-buh. 1) She is so awesome. & 2) HOW CAN YOU NOT MISS THAT FACE UNTIL IT HURTS?!? Oy.