Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adventures From Across The Pond.

Wednesday was my first day in Germany, and after an exhausting flight and even more exhausting day in the office, my colleague and her (adorable!) daughter took  me out for a night on the town in Wuppertal.

We went for a ride on the Schwebebahn, a suspended monorail transportation system and also the oldest monorail system in the world. I describe it as an upside down subway. And most of it travels right over the River Wupper, which is VERY cool and also a peeny bit scary. See?

We made a few stops along the way in some cute shopping districts.

That last picture is with a statue of Minna Knallenfalls in Wuppertal. I tried to google the history of her, but most pages are poorly translated. Here's the best I found, if you're interested.

And then we had dinner at Wuppertaler Brauhaus, possibly one of the coolest (and most delicious) restaurants I've ever been to. It used to be a swimming pool! My colleague was telling me that her grandmother used to swim there as a child, and now she goes there to drink beer. LOVE. I ordered some sort of goulash with beef and dumplings stewed with their beer. It was scrumptious.

Tonight I'm told there's an evening planned for me in Dusseldorf, which is the "big city" to the folks that live in Wuppertal.

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Jessi said...

Dusseldorf is a great city in Germany! Hope you enjoyed it!