Monday, July 19, 2010

This Just In...


So yeah...I'm on this relaxing vacation, sunning my buns, sipping on margs and reading all sorts of trashy mags and chick lit. And every.single. magazine was preaching flat abs, sun protection and wrinkle reduction.

Ironic, no?

Because of my slightly obsessive compulsive personality and natural ability to blow most everything out of proportion, I took it as a sign from Hearst Publishing and some higher power that I need to A) Get my arse back on the treadmill; 2) Wear more sunscreen; and C) Pump up my Oil of Olay applications!

I officially bought eye cream last night, because Cosmo, all*you and Oprah told me that Crow's Feet are the first signs of aging. Oh, and eye cream was the one preventative ointment that's not in my current face-preservation repertoire. *gasp!*

I realize this is not the entry you were expecting post-vacation, but it's hot and heavy on my mind. Pics and vacay recap to come next, pinky swear.

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Ashley said...

ha! too funny! You sound like me at the beach!