Friday, July 23, 2010

Customer Service Lives On!
...and tales of my woes to find the perfect purse.

I've raved about the fabulousness that is 1154 Lill on more than one occasion 'round these parts. But for those who are new or suffer from some form of acute memory loss, allow me to refresh: it's an upscale custom handbag salon in Chicago (and other locations) where super awesome girls like me go to create fabulous, trendy, one-of-a-kind bags. Basically, its an amazing, creative space filled with a myriad of canvas purse designs and hundreds of chic fabric swatches just waiting to be and mixed-n-matched to handbag perfection.

I have the Andi, the Samantha and the Charlotte, and recently made the pilgrimage to design my latest beauty, the Lexie. Yes, it's an addiction.

I know - it might be my best one yet. I simply ah-dore it! And the functionality and versatility of the bag itself is sheer perfection. Because of the links on the straps, I can wear it long as a messenger bag, short as a shoulder bag and even double-hooked as a backpack.

The ooooooonly thing I've found wrong with this purse is that the zipper pull is teeny weeny. Like, sometimes when I'm fumbling a cell phone, keys AND an infant (who is terrifyingly close to toddler status) I get frustrated and can't even find the stoopid thing.

And so, I did what any good PR girl would do in my situation: I wrote them an email about it.

I wasn't rude at all - in fact, my note was quite the opposite. I praised LILL for their designs, but noted that a bag in the upscale price range of $150+ should really have a bigger and better zipper. Also in true PR girl form, I presented both the problem and the solution: a zipper pull! I simply suggested that if manufacturing a new zipper was not an option, they should consider adding a fabric zipper pull (matching the shoulder strap fabric selection, natch) to improve functionality and ease of use.

And guess what? I got a reply...and an awesome one at that:

RIGHT?!? I mean, who does that? Companies that care - that's who. So, as if it wasn't painfully obvious to begin, I'm a loyal LILL girl for life.

And on the likely chance that this post has you itching for a new purse, the Lexie is actually on sale through Sunday. Go to their website and use promo code: LEXIE to snag your own, one-of-a-kind Lexi-roo for $120. Or design something else. Who am I to dictate your handbag choices?

You're welcome.


Jackie D. said...

I eyed your bag yesterday when you came by. I adore it! I have always wanted a messenger bag like that :)
I might just get myself one since they are on sale. Do you think they will automatically put on a zipper pull or should I ask?

MikeMetzlerII said...

that is great customer service! Although I'm not the type to carry a purse or a "man bag" I almost want to buy one of these things just because the company is so awesome!!

Jamie said...

At first I thought you had a BAD Lill experience - whew! That's awesome. Love that company! Annnnd, LOVE the bag!! Best one yet!