Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Look, Something Shiny!

Whilst I dig myself out of the unavoidable mountain of emails and projects to catch up on at work, allow me to distract you with some photos of my ridiculously adorable spawn:

Sleeping in the car. No special effects...this
is just how the light was coming in the car. Cool, huh?

Being silly with Daddy's hat on the 4th of July.

Playing in the pool at Aunt Jane's Daycare. 

Playing Grammi and Poppi's piano.
He's not really a Mozart in the making,
if you get my drift.

Riding behind Daddy on the new bike-a-ma-thingy.

Mmmm, ribs!

He built this on his own - all I did
was hold the bottom steady.

"Uhh, Mom? I do not exist for your
own personal entertainment."
Sorry to break it to you, kid...
but yes, you do.

1 comment:

aapuzzanchera said...

he is adorable. and you are so witty!