Friday, July 30, 2010

Notes To Self.

1) Draft blog post regarding Alex's 15 month checkup. Should highlight: hatred of shots, love of pediatrician, denial of toddler status.

2) Inform readers that another CSN giveaway is on the horizon. You're welcome.

3) Post adorable pictures from picking Kelli up from the airport. Check.

4) Admit openly that I have an obsession with baby Crocs and madras shorts with polos, as exhibited above and below...and pretty much every other picture currently on file. Popped collar optional.

5) Take a brief blogging hiatus while sister is in town. Through next Friday, if you're wondering.

1 comment:

KimnSteve said...

Have fun, girls! Wow, 15 month checkup...huh, guess I need to schedule the boys' for this month.