Thursday, July 22, 2010

French River Recap: 2010.

There's not much to say about our trip that can't be done via pictures - aka my lazy way of recapping the week. Really, we did a lot of eating, a lot of reading, a lot of sleeping and a lot of drinking. Disperse some campfires, fishing, boating, skiing/tubing and other water-related activities throughout the week and you pretty much have our summer vacation in a nutshell. No, this is me in a nutshell. Look at me! I'm in a nutshell!

To recap, this is our travel route.
Yes, it's a ridiculously long drive. Yes, it's worth it.

Mark (our friend and cabin owner) and his
LOVELY lady friend, Kelly.
Seriously. I pink puffy heart her.

Moosejaw. Love the Madness™.

A rose between two thorns, indeed.

Floating on the French.

Frenching on the French.

Proof that at times, I am rather adventurous.
What you can't hear from the picture are my screams of

That is my husband.
That is the cliff he jumped off.
Again, what you can't hear from the picture are his
screams of "I AM GOING TO DIEEEEE!"

An island's version of a firetruck.
This bad boy flew RIGHT in front of Mark's
cabin about a dozen times - it skims the top of the
river to scoop up water in its base and then flies over
a fire to dump the water.

To be discussed in a later post: the top ten reasons I didn't miss my kid AT ALL while I was on vacation. Seriously. Not even for a minute.

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