Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Applause. More applause. Curtain call.

Some of you may or may not know that I have a bit of a theatrical past. The "theater bug" bit me when I was about 14--and I think I did well over 20 shows from that time until my freshman year in college. I've played many roles--from Cinderella to Grace Farrell to Dorothy to Tzeitel to Chava. Yeah, did that one twice. Every single show made a huge impact in my life, and nearly all of the friends I made along the way are still a very important and meaningful part of my life.

I try to make music an important part of Alex's life, too. We sing a lot of show tunes, nursery rhymes and silly songs that we make up as we go. Lately, we've been loving a lot on "Annie." Specifically, "Tomorrow."

Please sit down and turn on your pacemaker, because this is heart stopping cuteness. Also, ignore the first 30 seconds when he's trying to find his nipples (he got curious about what those were the other day, so I had to impart some honest Mom knowledge - a hilarious and awkward post for tomorrow perhaps) but stick around until the end when he really gets into it. I was clapping. I was crying. I was throwing roses at the stage. He's so my kid.


Andrea said...

Colin was cuddling with Brad the other morning while I was getting ready for work and Colin found his nipples. Hilarity has ensued ever since... :)

Lindsey Wolfe said...

pure awesome right there! And I did Fiddler twice too Tzeitel and Hodel. :)

Abby said...


Lindsay said...

OMG!!! He's amazing! Not only is this CUTE, it's really GOOD! He's on pitch and everything! He IS your kid!