Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Out of order.

So I have really funny stories about my obsession with buying things for a house I don't technically own yet, but in order to do that I probably should tell y'all how this magical house came to be. I've alluded to it once or twice (sorry for being all annoying and unspecific about that) but I REALLY wanted to tell the story once I had some pictures. I've resigned to the fact that I will not have the ability to take a photo of my family on an empty lot that we sort of own in the foreseeable future, so I'm just going to throw caution to the wind and tell the tale. But everything is better with pictures, no?

Anyway, I'm sure you all remember back in late summer when we were urgently looking for a new house? Well, we were. We had been sort of lazily looking for some time previous to that particular life event, but put our efforts in super gear when we had a deadline of sorts.

Let me just say first that I LOVE where we live. We are 6 minutes from daycare, a block from the community center with an indoor water park, 2 minutes from both major highways in the area, and 20 minutes to nearly every other neighboring cool city. I may or may not have a strictly business crush on our mayor and because of the many large businesses in our city, taxes are wicked low. Our neighbors are like family--almost like something out of a movie. I even borrow eggs and cups of sugar from time to time.

There's not a ton of new construction or newer homes in our area because it's an older community. So, naturally, I got really discouraged when we started looking because in order for us to get what we wanted (and enough motivation to leave what we love) we would have to move to a nearby city with higher taxes (and a smaller house) or move to BFE to get a bigger house with lower taxes. Both of these options, frankly, sucked, and were not enough to actually force the move.

Anyway, I was driving around aimlessly one day because Alex was sleeping. I was basically just turning down streets I'd never been on--not looking for anything in particular, just passing time. I came across this sweet little street that was carved out of an older neighborhood, but was new construction. Then, in the same moment I saw a narwhal crossing the street with a pudgy baby unicorn on its back, my eyes surprised me by seeing TWO "For Sale" signs. One of the houses was perfect. I had to have it.

We went for a bike ride that night so I could show Joey. Oh, did I not mention this house was literally ACROSS the street from our house? Not our specific street, but the main street nearby. Anyway, he liked it too so I made an appointment with the seller's agent to see it the next day.

We saw it and loved it even more once we got inside. We were leaving for vacation the next day but told the Realtor we would talk about it on our trip and get back to him when we returned.

So imagine my surprise when he called me the next night with bad news. Someone else was putting an offer on the house. But the worst of the news is that there would be offers on both houses. And the offers were from FRIENDS who were friends/worked with someone who already lived in the house next to the two houses that were for sale. Yeah. Just our luck.

There was no way we were getting that house. Even if our offer was higher, the seller/builder was obviously motivated to sell BOTH houses at the same time, vs. selling us one and sitting on the other.

This story is getting so long I'm starting to annoy myself. But stick with me. We're almost to the end.

Naturally, it would suck a LOT if this story ended here, but it doesn't. As it turns out, our Realtor turned out to be childhood friends with the guy who owned the whole street. And there were 4 lots left! Eegads!

And so, we got our pick of the lots (as fate would have it - a better lot than the house we originally wanted) and we are going to build the same house we wanted to buy on that lot. And, since we're building it, we can change any of the little things that we want like flooring, fixtures, etc.

The ts are officially crossed. We signed all the paperwork just before Christmas and they will break ground as soon as the frost ban is lifted...which in Michigan is always iffy. Our hope is to be in by mid-July. At which point I will commence with an emotional life breakdown because I'll be leaving behind my first married home, the house I brought my baby home to and had so many other "firsts" in...but change is good, right?

Since a post this long deserves at least one picture, here's the house we're building. I'm changing that stupid wonky, little window on the second floor - doubling its size and centering it in the siding space. We might alter the brick color to be a bit darker and the siding to a slightly more grey (gray?) color, but this is basically home sweet home.
Tomorrow I shall commence with many ridiculous stories of things I am buying to decorate/furnish said house. Joey is about at his wits end with me. But he knows it's all pretty things that will make our house a home. And, in turn for his patience, he's getting one of those giant fish mailboxes. For reals. #wifeoftheyear
Home Sweet Home!


Jeremy and Megan said...

SO exciting!!

We are starting to look for a new house or a lot to build a new house as well. I was just telling my hubby that as MUCH as I am ready for a new house (a bigger house to fit all of Olivia's things) I will be sad to leave our current home. I'll never forget the feeling of bringing Olivia home and showing her the nursery...

Aliya said...

1. Thats amazing/so exciting/so LUCKY that you're able to do that!!!
2. I literally LOL'd when I saw that fish mailbox.

Amanda Tal said...

Congratulations! Building is so exciting and so much fun! Be sure to post lots of pictures of the progress!

Twin Engines said...

Congratulations! I felt sad leaving the townhouse this year, too, (our first purchase/where we brought our babies home) but it doesn't last long, believe me!

Anonymous said...

Congrats kristi!!! can't wait to see pics of the process!!!