Friday, May 7, 2010

Pushed Over A Cliff By A Suicidal Mickey Mouse.

Kudos to you if you get the title. We should karaoke sometime.

Been very busy this week, peeps. I might have been neglecting you a wee bit, but the bf has not. In fact, she sent this linky over to me earlier this morning as possible fodder and content for le blog. And so, here it is: the painted bump contest.

She loves me. She loves you. Aaaaaaaand there you have it. Perhaps she will even guest blog in the coming weeks. You'll love her. She's like me, only taller, wiser and a little more blunt. As if that's even possible!

In other news related to keeping you busy while I earn my paycheck the old fashioned way, have you entered le giveaway yet?


*cait* said...

I do what I can...and I would loveeeeee to guest blog anytime!!!

Judy said...

LOVE the "Over the Moon" Rent reference! Have a great weekend and a happy Mother's Day!!