Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Last night after a scrumptious dinner, Joey, Alex and I decided (as we so often do on summer days) to rock out some ice cream for dessert. We're somewhat lazy, so we went to McDonald's for le cones. $1 + delicious = win.

Nevertheless, upon our arrival to the very high tech order box and menu area, we discovered that much like Dairy Queen's new "snack size" blizzard, McD's is now offering a snack size McFlurry. BRILLS. Also helps the cause of those 4 lbs. I've lost in the last two weeks. Yeah, that's right. Word to yo' Momma. And so, we ordered two (Alex got some bites) and rolled on up to the payment window.

There was no attendant in the window immediately, so we were able to see some things posted on the wall that we normally wouldn't be able to see. Among them was an 8.5"x11" piece of paper with some menu shorthands written on them in big, bold Sharpie as a reminder to some of the employees. You know, like this:


I kid you not. Because on what planet does "egg" ≠ "egg"?

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*cait* said...


As funny as it is, it's also super sad. And how much of the minimum wage earnings are going to further that high school kid's education instead of buying a new MP3 player or cell phone?