Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's working.

I've wanted to type an update on my progress with the Barre classes, but honestly, my arms have been too sore to pick up my children, let alone go to town on the keyboard.

What I'm saying is that they're working and doing exactly what they're supposed to do. But can the pathetic part of me just whine in the corner and say "ouch" for a minute? I'm definitely seeing (and feeling!) some great results. I can't really stress enough how equally important the verbal motivation of the instructors is to the routines of the classes themselves. Yes, we do arm combinations until I can't feel my hands; and yes, my legs shake so hard during the lower body sequence that I sometimes think I will fall over; and yes, I can only press my navel to my spine in the plank position so many times before I realize it's not actually possible...but more than all that--the sweat, the shakes, the soreness--is that I'm getting stronger. The instructors are great about reminding you why you're there. That you chose to walk through those doors. I need that reminder, sometimes...don't we all? So I choose to use the hour to thank my body for all it does for me by making it stronger. And I'm proud to say I'm getting there!

And...more good news: if you're out there reading and still want to try Barre Bee, here's your chance! Barre Bee Fit recently established a standing partnership with Athleta at The Somerset Collection in Troy and will be hosting a free in-store class once a month! The first class is on March 16 at 11 AM. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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