Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Harper and the Hippo.

To say that this girl is the happiest child on earth is probably the understatement of the century. She is so loved and so special. Just this morning, we had her in the bassinet while we were getting ready for work and Alex wheeled her into his room for "special brudder/sister time." I went in there about 10 minutes later to check on them and he was sitting next to her and reading her a book. She also had 7 blankets on her because "babies like to be warm and snuggly, Mom." My heart is so full.

So, Miss Harper, what are you up to at 4 months?
  • You've started laughing--and it sounds like a strange combination of donkey noises and coughing on a hairball, but it's cute in its own way.
  • You're eating 4 oz. bottles every 3-4 hours and are still in a size 1 diaper. Your clothes have mostly transitioned into the 3M stuff, but you can still wear some NB things.
  • You still sleep through the night - about 9pm-5am straight through. We moved you into your own room and crib when I went back to work and you transitioned like a rock star. Daddy gets up with you at 5 every day because he is an angel and Mommy loves her sleep...but I also know he just treasures that special early morning time with just the two of you.
  • You love discovering your voice. When you hear yourself you get louder and louder with your "talking" until you pretty much scare yourself into silence. Your brother swears you say his name, and maybe you do, but to us it just sounds like you're raving at a baby Metallica concert.
It's such a wonderful feeling--completeness. Every night at the dinner table when it's just the four of us eating whatever cereal, leftovers or actual meal that we've had the time and energy to prepare, I am in disbelief that this is my life and these are my people. I know that's probably very cheesy and somewhat annoying to read like "blah blah blah her life is so perfect" but I can assure you that it's NOT perfect. It's my perfect. We have our fair share of drama, crazy, disappointment, fights, tears and general life situations, but every day the good outweighs the bad and we move onto the next, choosing to find joy in the simple things.

And speaking of "nexts" and simple things, have I mentioned recently that Alex turns 5 in pretty much 2 minutes? GAH. He wants bunk beds for his birthday, and considering the fact that he looks like an overgrown adult sleeping in his current race car toddler bed, I think we're going to need to make that happen. Bunk beds. Stay tuned for that adventure.

P.S. - If you're curious, here's Alex & The WIPpo at 4 months. Basically, he's a bald Harper. Or, she's Alex with hair. We only make 1 model of baby.

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Kim and Steve said...

She's beautiful! "Blah blah blah her life is perfect" made me laugh because isn't that what blogs are for? To record the good stuff, so when we are old and senile we will remember these as the good old days. Our brains won't bother to remember the bad stuff...at least I think that's how it works because people keep having more babies!