Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

It's birthday bootcamp, bitches!

For day 1, I got a massage that never happened, the current issue of People magazine, and this card:

Joey thinks he's reeeaaaaaaaaaallly funny.

Oh, and regarding the will happen later this week; do not fret my pets. They are in the process of moving locations so all the appointment times got jacked up.

In unrelated news, this weekend Joey and I discovered something wonderful in the world of parenting that I can only assume all of you have known about all along and have simply been hiding it from me: INDOOR BOUNCE HOUSES. Um, hi. These places are remarkable. On Saturday when it was cold as balls and we were desperate to get Alex out of the house, I started searching online for something indoors that didn't include a pool, a McDonalds playplace or a Mall playland. Because swimsuits, SARS and righteous parents are not my jam.

It was the best $8 we've ever spent. We discovered a Bounce U location just a mere 5 miles from our house (but there are tons of different ones out there) and Alex adored it and was sweaty as a fat guy in a sauna after a mere 60 minutes of play. And better? Every other Friday night they have a "Parents' Night Out" where you can drop your kid off (and leave!) from 6-9 pm for $20. TWENTY DOLL HAIRS. That's nearly free and now I'm obsessed with owning an indoor bounce house place. Standby while I start Googling "how to own something" and also ask Joey how to purchase business-related injury insurance.

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