Thursday, December 5, 2013

BDBC updates and a confession.

Check it: when it comes to blogging or snuggling with my girl, guess who always wins? Anyway, that's why we're lacking BDBC updates around here. I would say I'm sorry but I'm totally not. Harper's recently started smiling and it's all I can do to look away from her sweet face.

Days 2 and 3 updates: I got treats! and cards! and pizza!

...and tonight, I'm running away for a pedicure and (wait for it) ... crazy hair experiments.

That's right, I've lost my damn mind and I'm going to force my stylist do something like this tonight:

Yes, I'm (almost) 31 and I'm getting purple highlights. 1) Because I can. 2) Because I've always wanted to. and 3) Because if I hate them or they are terribly embarrassing I can hide in my house with Harper until I return to work in February. It's fine.

If I manage to shower and put on a speck of makeup tomorrow, you might get pictures. 

In unrelated news, since puppy chow is basically just cereal and peanut butter, it's TOTALLY acceptable to eat for breakfast, right? Mmmmmkk then.

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