Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hump Day, Bump Day.

bV is the size of a pumpkin! 
Baby is about 18.9 to 20.9 inches long and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. Her head is now about the same circumference as her abdomen.

bV at 38 weeks:
- She may have about an inch or so of hair already.
- She's slowly shedding that white goo on her skin (called vernix caseosa) but you might see some of it at birth.

Worst case scenario this is the second to last bump update you will ever have to read from me. Best case scenario, it's the last. Other than that, I have no new information for you. I'm still very large. I'm still very sore. I'm still very tired. I'm still very anxious. I'm just eating more cookies to deal with it all. Since I can't have tequila.

In case anyone wants to have pity on me, she kept me up ALL night last night with contractions. Which, for the record, I find to be TERRIBLY unfair. It seems that women who have scheduled C-Sections should not have to bear this sort of torture. And also for the record? Turns out Doctors don't think it's funny when you try to bribe them with Starbucks gift cards to move your C-Section date up a week. Or more. Whatever.

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