Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Salutations from my couch.

It seems that all my very strong gut feelings that this girl was going to come early were dead ass wrong. I had an appointment this morning and she's all warm & snuggly up in there and probably not making her appearance until Friday. At least she appreciates a schedule?

Which is fine.

And also not fine.

So in the meantime, I'm eating copious amounts of Qdoba and ice cream while plopped on my couch watching the last 3 weeks of Chelsea Lately that I have on the DVR. It's like I'm living the dream, only I have to get up to pee every 5 minutes, so it's not as relaxing as it sounds.

In other news, big brother Alex is getting more and more antsy by the day. In fact, last night when we went to check on him before we went to bed, we found he had stuffed all his stuffed animals ("sleep toys," as he calls them) in his shirt. It was so cute - I think he was trying to be like Mommy and keeping all his friends safe and sound.

I suppose I'll see you around here tomorrow for the world's last "Hump Day, Bump Day." I'll bring the bump, you bring the tequila.

1 comment:

Sue Skop said...

I am shocked! Shocked I tell you that she is still nestled near your heart. It must be very comforting to her.