Monday, June 3, 2013

Big brother's reaction.

So we told Alex tonight at dinner all about the impending arrival of his little sister, because quite frankly, we couldn't really wait much longer. It far and away exceeded any expectations we had about his reaction.

His biggest concern at first was which highchair she would sit in at Aunt Jane's (because all the"little kids" sit in high chairs during meals and circle time and at the moment they are all occupied...most notably by the littlest munchkin, baby Olivia.)

I can't even with all the things he lists that he wants to teach her and share with her. And that the biggest things he can't wait to do with her is "bring her to Aunt Jane's," "learn her to read a book" and watch TV? Please. And teach her Spanish? Watch for yourself here:

After I shut the camera off, he continued to ask a bazillion questions about his sister and I had to get a notepad out to take notes so I wouldn't forget all of the ridiculous and adorable things he said. In random order:

  • He repeatedly asked me to "open my mouth wide" because he could "hear her talking to him through my pipes."
  • He asked, "When does she come out? And when does she turn 2? Because then she will have a birthday and we will sing to her." And then he sang the birthday song and I died a little on the inside.
  • He urged that we "need to go shopping!" because we need to buy the baby "clothes and bottles and diapers and a crib because babies need these things."
  • "Mom! We don't have a changing table. We need to get one of those because mine is old."
  • He offered to give her all his sleep toys--even Jake & Emma which is a BIG, BIG deal, people.
  • He asked how old she was right now. This was tricky to answer. I went with 'zero,' which I think was both satisfying and technically correct.
  • "If she gets sick can I give her my orange medicine?"
  • "She cannot glue things by herself yet. Aunt Jane will have to help her, you know."

And the all-time Emmy winner best of the night... "Mom, did you have a crunch her up with your teeth to get her down there in your belly?"

Judging by how the rest of dinner went, he's unfazed about having a sister vs. a brother and already loves her just as much as we do. This, of course, comes as no surprise but it's nice to have it on lock.

We're going to sleep on her name a few more nights and then tell that news...and for those that think they know, I promise you don't!


Megan said...

So I haven't commented in FOREVER - probably years when I had my own blog. But this was the sweetest video of Alex! I started following when you were preg with him! Congrats on your new baby girl!!

Kristi said...

Awww Thank You, Megan!

Carrie said...

I love how many times he said he is going to teach her to talk!! So sweet and such a smart boy. :) I got a little emotional watching his video, just thinking about how special the brother/sister relationship is, and how much I have loved watching my own "big brother" and "little sister" kiddos grow up together and be the very best of friends...well, most of the time. :) Congrats to you, Joey & Alex!!

Ashley said...

Ahhh! I am so excited for you guys, and I don't even know you! Well, I feel like I do because I have been reading for so long, through the ups and downs - you are certainly blessed! That precious girl will be loved, no doubt! I can't wait to hear her name!

Christy said...

"Dear Baby..." Sooooo cute! I too started reading your blog back in the days of your hilarious pregnant recap. It seems crazy that Alex is getting so big & very exciting that there will soon be a fresh baby added to the mix. Congrats to y'all. Good times!