Monday, October 17, 2011

You've been warned.

It's officially that time of year. I have packed away the summer toys. The shorts and tanks. The flip flops. And in turn, I have busted out the turtleneck sweaters. The hot cocoa tins. The extra-snuggly blankets. The heated matress pad. The Christmas music.

YES. It's Christmas-ish time. ::happy dance::

I accept and embrace that I'm a raging lunatic. I realize that I'm one of the few that prefer snow and sweaters over sand and shorts. And if you don't like it, that little red X in the upper right of your screen is the door. Unless you're on a Mac, in which case I have no idea how to excuse you from my presence. Why does your mouse only have one button? Srlsy!

And, on the off chance you were wondering...why yes, my Christmas shopping is done. Complete. Finished. Ta-da! Aaaaaaaaaaand it's mostly all wrapped, thankyouverylittle.

In summary: unless you are pervvy enough to catch a sneaky peaky of me in the shower, you will not see my neck until April 1, 2012. And if you hear me whistling "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," please do not punch me in the throat. I'm just spreading glad tidings and cheer! Also, how is it almost 2012?


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, I'm not the ONLY one out there! I have all of our christmas shopping done and I'm already planning on where the tree will go this year, when we're going to go get it and bought new decorations while we were at Bronner's last weekend -- I live for the winter season!!! If I could move to Alaska and celebrate it year round, I'd totally do it ... in a heart beat!

Abby said...

I love Christmas music. I use every ounce of restraint I have to wait til Nov. 1 to start playing it (much easier when you live somewhere where there is not regularly snow on the ground in October and November), much to the chagrin of everyone who thinks I need to wait til after Thanksgiving.