Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sometimes, I'm a nerd.

It's really all Joey's fault. Until I met him, I honestly could have cared less about gadgets and gizmos. Or is it "couldn't have cared less"? I always get those confused. Lately, I've been obsessed with all things home-related. So pair that with gadgets and...

Enter The Nest.

Um hai there, gorgeous. And you ask, right on queue, "What is it?" It's a learning thermostat! Invented by a team of freakin' geniuses who also had a hand in the first 18 generations of the iPod. So obviously, we can't go wrong, here. Nerds are smart, yo. So is this thing.

Did you know that the average person changes the temperature in their house over 1,500 times a year? (Well, if you're my Dad you can all but triple that number.) And your current thermostat? I bet it's ugl-ee. Like, punch your grandma in the face ug-lee. But this thing? It's gorgeous. A total conversation piece. And yes, I'm talking about a thermostat. Who am I?

Anyway, this thing:

• Installs easily.
• Learns your preferred temperatures and schedule.
• Senses when you leave the house or come home.
• Gives you tips and feedback on your energy use.
• Connects to Wi-Fi so you can control it from anywhere--even your smartphone.
• Looks good. Like me.
• Has a positive impact on the world and will help you cut your energy bills--go green!

I realize this sort of post is totally out of sorts for me - and it's not sponsored! Totally my own, nerdy findings and excitement. I think I'm going to pre-order mine for Christmas!


Ashley Paige said...

Please tell me Mr. Veedub is fan of the website Uncrate? It's like.. a giant website full of really awesome and cool Man-things that are ridiculously overpriced. Like a space ferrari that drives itself.. Well, last night THE NEST was on it! And my husband (who frequents the site daily) sat down and told me all about it. for an hour. and? i secretly love it and want it.. So, how do we go about getting one? I mean, I think I need to build my Dream Home, too.. Because well, The Nest wouldn't really jive in this place.. Hmm.. :)

Amanda Tal said...

I saw this last night on Pinterest and told Andy we need one. Surprisingly, I think he will need some convincing, weird since he's the gadget person in this duo.

Jackie D. said...

I really want one of those...but, maybe I'll wait a few months after they come out for the price to come down :) Unless you want to buy me one!

Ha, ha.

Abby said...

The nest seems cool. But I just wanted to let you know it's "could not have cared less."

your resident grammar nazi :-D