Friday, September 9, 2011

Support local businesses!

Well, this particular reference is "local" to like, 2% of you - but still. Stick with me, mmkay?

The newspaper from my hometown is running its annual "Five Star Favorites" campaign and I need YOU to help one of MY fave local businesses win. The business is called "Tri City Furniture," and its (duh) a family-owned furniture and interior design store. Kathy and Lee, the owners, have been long-time family friends and I want to help them win!

Click the image above (or here) and go to the "Nominate Here" tab. Enter all your info and then in the list, type "Tri City Furniture" in the "Furniture Store" AND the "Interior Design Store" categories under "Goods and Services." Oh, and if you're feeling frisky, enter "La Pizza" in the "Pizza" category. Yum!

You can vote once a day through Sept. 15, but even if you can only do it today that will help!

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