Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The one time I was filmed for the Food Network.

Joey and I recently spent the weekend in Cleveland as part of our Anniversary getaway. On said trip, we had many adventures...front row seats at an Indians game, tickets to the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame, and many, many delicious restaurants to try. Most of them were on wheels.

She said whaaaaat?

You see, Cleveland has a pretty spectacular variety of Food Trucks - and they've grown in popularity recently due to Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race." Detroit doesn't have any food trucks (tear), and since I have a soft spot in my heart for street vendors I was SUPER keen on trying as many as we could in our 3 days there.

So keen, in fact, that I decided to start a new quest, dubbed "30 B4 30," that is, to eat at 30 different food trucks before I'm 30. It's a lofty (and somewhat silly) goal, especially considering I will have to travel far and wide to meet this quota.

Anyway, word got out as we were waiting in line for some grub at a food truck by the name of JiBARO, and LO AND BEHOLD, the Food Network just happened to be there filming for a show on the Cooking Channel Called "Street Eats."

They were fascinated by my story - and intrigued that we had driven all the way from the Dirty D just to enjoy their meals on wheels. And so, they asked to interview us.

OBVIOUSLY, we said yes. Despite the fact that it was seventy trillion degrees out and I was sweating like a hooker in Sunday Mass, we totally rocked it. Joey threw out culinary descriptors that Bobby Flay himself would have envied. We laughed; we played to the camera; we were coy; we were foodies. We were brilliant.

So brilliant that the producer said the whole segment will be about us. FOR REAL. This is where I die and start signing autographs faster than Kate Gosselin in her hooker heels and too-short skirts.

The show airs on the Cooking Channel and we will be part of Season 3 which will start in April. I promise that I will shamelessly promote myself like the dude with the "Cash for Gold" sign on the street corner in Anytown, USA as soon as I know the exact air date.

Oh yes, I'm a famewhore.

As photographed by Food Network camera man.


Anonymous said...

...and i will shameless be watching for it!!!

totally awesome!!

Christy said...

Sweet!! Keep us posted cause I don't want to forget.

*cait* said...

DC has a LARGE quantity of food trucks. Including one v. famous Lobster Truck.

Just saying..

Jamie said...

Nice!! I will totally be watching ... And food trucks? Next time, take me, take me! ;)

Twin Engines said...

Cool! Can't wait to see it. Did you know there are three MI food trucks currently in the running for the next Race? Check it out on the FN website. I've been voting for Maria's Taco Hut, IN MY TOWN!

Jen Gifford said...

There are food truck gatherings here in Indy! Two in the past month! Come visit me!! We'll go!!