Thursday, September 15, 2011

My 12 year old self just peed my pants in excitement.

Seriously, guys! This is like, BIG! Cue Leally Blonde Soundtrack... "Oh my God, oh my God you guys!"

JTT (for my oldish readers, we're talking Jonathan Taylor Thomas, here) IS ALIVE!, my go-to source for all relevant, current and breaking news, proves it here and also here. And as far as link #2 is concerned, why does little brother Mark look like he's about to stab someone? And forgive me for asking the obvious, but where is Wilson?

Le sigh. No matter how old I get, JTT will always have a special place in my heart. He was so dreamy...and my 12 year old self maybe still doodles his name with hearts all around it in my notebook. No? Too much? Creepy stalker vibes?
Whatever. If you are a female reader between the ages of like 25-35, you can't deny it. You loved him, too. Unless you loved Mark. In which case, ewwww. Just ewww.

UPDATE: Apparently Wilson died in 2003. Obviously, did not cover this news.

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Lindsey Wolfe said...

Wilson died in 2003 :(