Thursday, March 7, 2013


Today is the day that our sweet bdub was due. If you know my heart, you know that I don't celebrate or choose to remember what I call "death days" - ie, the anniversaries of days that people died or really horrible things happened. My sister and brother are weird and take after my Mom and can pretty much remember to the minute, hour and exact weather of those days. And that is fiiiiiine. But me? Notsomuch. That's a bunch of sad and depressing and ineffectively circular references. Instead, I remember life days--like birthdays and signs of spring and days that I bought really great new shoes.

So today, while driving into work, it was only fitting that I noticed little peeks of green in the grass where the yucky, brown snow is starting to melt. And buds on trees that will soon flower and smell like God's perfume. And for that, today I celebrate life and new beginnings and robins chirping outside. And I'll probably go buy some new shoes, too.

Today I am not sad. Today I am thankful and hopeful and content. My prayer is the same for you!


Carrie Davies said...

Much love to all the VeeDubs, today and always. Spring is just around the corner...I think at least 3 new pairs of shoes and multiple McDonald's Diet Cokes are in order for you, my dear. :)

Jessi said...

Thanks for that reminder. Our angel baby's due date was last month. It's not easy and I needed the reminder to see the happy today (especially since I started today).