Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm 30. Now what?

I took the week of my birthday off, which legitimately might be a new tradition. I spent the week with friends, shopping, sleeping in, eating at fun places and most importantly, spending lots of time with Joey. He pampered me all week and quite frankly, it was bliss.

So, were did we leave off with BDBC? I believe it was Day 5.

Day 5
I got a sheet of mustache stickers because Joey is "stuck on me."

Day 6
A one hour massage. Bliss.

The actual day. Day 7.
Joey and I spent the day adventuring around town and I took this with me everywhere we went and filled it with deliciousness.

I'm pretty sure there's no real way to ease into or introduce the awesomeness that was my actual present. Therefore, I give you:

Yeap. That's what a girl gets for asking for "nothing big...let's keep it low key this year." I literally squealed like Justin Beiber when I opened them. Joey was very clever in his wrapping...it was a box in a box in a box and he weighted it down so I would be totally clueless. So tricksy, that Joey.

29 was not the greatest year for me if I'm honest. We had a lot to celebrate and were blessed in many, many wonderful ways that I will not overlook. But we also experienced our fair share of heartache and loss...so it's rather easy to click my heels and jump into 30 with a heart full of joy and excitement.

Thank you to everyone who made my day week so special. And especially to my very best, Joey, who always makes me feel special and loved...but especially in the last week of my 20s.

Here's to 30!

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