Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Lease Mommy Nah.

Here's another spontaneously awesome parenting moment, courtesy of "all Christmas, all the time radio" and a little boy who loves to sing and hears things in his own, special way.

It was night time, so it's dark. But all that matters is the audio, I promise.

As you can hear, I had a hard time breathing through it because I was laughing so hard. Being a Mom is so awesome. Especially to such an awesome, creative and happy kid.

A Lease Mommy Nah, everyone!


The Agnello Family said...

Oh my gosh this is way too cute! He seems like such a hoot! I love hearing things from their point of view. The girls have been singing....Glooooooooooooooria, bean bag Chelsea day oh! Makes me smile everytime. Alex is adorable!

MikeMetzlerII said...

That is awesome! I think him and I know all of the same words and mumble through the rest!!

Liz VA said...

Adorable. His EspaƱol is better than mine.