Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BDBC update.

This is going to be, like, the fastest post ever - and not because I don't care (which I do) but because dinner (that I did not cook) is coming out of the oven and my son (who I did, technically, cook) wants to play some monster trucks. So, you know, priorities.

Anyway, this has been theeee best BDBC yet. Joe and I have the week off, so I've been decorating, shopping, sleeping and eating like it's my job. And, coincidentally, if it were, I'd be awesome at it.

So the recap of the last few days of BDBC:

Day 1
The flowers, duh.

Day 2
A giant bag of baked Cheetos, aka my most favoritest snack on all the earth.

Day 3
Slime (and if you watch The Mindy Project, you will get it) because I'm "slime cool".

Also, I took an unexpected trip to Grand Rapids to see my favorite Sarah and Jason who brought me chocolate covered strawberries and a mimosa in bed. Yeah, I have the best friends, ever.

Day 4
The style issue of People magazine. He gets me. He so gets me.

So like I said, it's been the best. There is so much tinsel in my house it should be illegal, and also I should hit the last 5 food trucks in my 30 b4 30 quest tomorrow night.

And with that, I'm off to spread more holiday cheer. Smooches!

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