Friday, October 26, 2012

Brave little boy.

You know how some little boys are "all boy"? Like, they run into walls full steam ahead and jump off the backs of couches onto stacks of pillows? Yeah. My kid's not like that.

I've referenced it before--he's very careful with his movements and isn't a fan of heights at all. He won't even walk down a flight of stairs if it's the grated metal kind where you can see right through them.

We're starting to see him becoming braver as he creeps closer to 4. In fact, at the park yesterday he went down the slides all by himself! Even headfirst! He told me he "went the fastest, Mom!" and "It was so amazing!" (Everything is "amazing" these days. I love life through a 4 year-old's eyes.)


Annie D said...

My oldest was like that too, and now at almost 7 is becoming braver each day. The second child? That one has absolutely no fear. In fact, we almost bought a house with a pool but decided not to specifically because of him. He can't swim yet, he knows he can't, and yet he doesn't give a second thought before jumping into the deep end. I never thought I'd be so grateful for my cautious child!

Lindsey Wolfe said...

I have no idea what you are talking with a boy tht is "all boy" ???? LMAO hmmmm..... (Logan actually DID jump off the back of the couch to the pile of pillows he put together on the floor. That was on Wednesday.) Hope Alex doesn't give you the heart attacks that are second nature at our home now. ;)