Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where I get my inner artist on.

If my half-assed attempts at Pinterest crafts and my "oh-this-safety-pin-that-I-colored-with-a-black-Sharpie-is-totally-enough-to-conspicuously-fix-my-pants-because-I-can't-sew-worth-a-lick" attitude proves anything, it's that I'm not really all that right brained. Which is weird, because I think I am, but when push comes to shove, I'm really not.

Anyway, Joey got me a really cool present for Christmas/our new house--a painting class at a place called Painting With a Twist. Basically, you attend a teacher-led class of the painting of your choosing (from their pre-set calendar) and voilĂ ! Instant art created by y-o-u!

What's even cooler is that he got us each a pass to a class. My problem was that I didn't want to attend the SAME class because I didn't want two of the same pictures for our house. Because that would be stupid. But I didn't want to go to separate classes, either. Because that would be no fun.

So I was DEEE-lighted when I saw a class for a monogram painting. PERFECT! We could go together, and I could do the V and he could do the W and when hung side-by-side, we would have our monogram! My own brilliance sometimes scares me, i.e. the safety pin trick.

So we packed up our wine and snacks (Yes, you can bring your own! Also? drinking wine while painting totally makes you feel more like a legit artist.) and trotted off to our class. Here's a look at my painting from blank canvas to finished product. I'm no Bob Ross, but I'm super proud of it!

They kinda look like scary Halloween paintings in the last picture but I assure you in person they look like etched stone. Or, if nothing else, they will be great Halloween decorations. Carry on.


Lauren said...

The best part of this post is that it is like a where's waldo for wine. You can spot to bottle and your glass each getting lower as the painting gets better.

Kristi said...

You are my most favoritest person, ever, LT.