Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy birthday, Poppi!

Today my Dad is approximately 8 trillion years old. Or something like that.

I'd like to think that I keep him young, but judging from his own wedding picture to mine, I'd say I've contributed to exactly the opposite..



In other news, aren't his chops the BOMB? And how about that white suit, eh? Hot to trot, that's what I say! Also? I look exactly like my mother, and I love that.

And for the obligatory birthday song, sung by a very sleepy almost 3-year-old at about 7 this morning (And yes, that's Joey brushing his toofers in the background. We multitask at our house.):

Happy birthday, Dad! I love you!


Twin Engines said...

Happy Birthday! Was he, like 14 when they got married?

Andrea said...

ZOMG I remember that picture in your parent's room! :) They were/are adorable!